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Espe Sil

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Informationen zu dem Produkt Espe Sil der Marke 3M

Espe Sil, a product from the reputable dental brand 3M Espe, is designed to create a silane layer on the silicatized surface, ensuring a strong chemical bond with the Rocatec Sinfony opaque and the Sinfony veneering material. This is a crucial step in dental restorations, as it promotes adhesion between the tooth surface and the composite materials used in indirect restorative procedures. The use of Espe Sil is particularly important in the workflow of creating aesthetic and durable dental prosthetics, a common task for dental professionals who rely on high-quality materials from trusted suppliers like medic-star.

Packungsinhalt Espe Sil

8 ml Flasche. This package size is ideal for dental clinics that require a reliable supply of silane coupling agent for their restorative work. The 8 ml bottle is designed for ease of use and efficiency, ensuring that dental professionals can apply the product with precision during the preparation of dental prosthetics.